Radio Brews News goes a-mythbusting

Today on Radio Brews News, we meet British beer writer and historian Martyn Cornell.



Martyn is the creator of the Zythophile site through which he writes about beer and beer history and, along the way, debunks a few myths. Martyn has gained some attention recently for suggestion the new Oxford Companion to Beer may be “a dreadful disaster” for perpetuating myths and inaccuracies about beer. He drew criticism from the book’s editor in chief, Garrett Oliver, for his comments. Martyn is also the author of the excellent book Amber, Gold and Black, a history of great English beer styles.

Martyn talks about beer history, beer myths and his spat with Garrett Oliver. This is a must listen for anyone who had ever uttered the words ‘IPA’ and ‘invented’ in a sentence.

Here is the promised link to the book by Australian beer historian, Dr Brett Stubbs, which is invaluable is learning about the history of one part of the Australian market.

For those who hang around til the end, the end music today is a snippet fromRoll Out the Barrel – Beer Barrel Polka / Paddlin’ Madelin’ Home / Ma! (He’s Making Eyes At Me) by theBig Ben Banjo Band from their albumThe Banjo’s Back In Town. You can add it to your record collection here.

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