Range Brewing releases charity beer

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Range Brewing, one of Australia’s leading modern beer breweries is releasing their third iteration of its charity beer Full Circle on the 9th of April 2022 to the flood affected bio-intensive market garden: Loop Growers

  • Range Brewing and Loop Growers have been partnering together since their very first beer, contributing the spent grain to create nitrogen rich soil and composting through their bio-intensive organic farming practices.
  • Loop Grower are pillars of the Brisbane good food community. Supporting and working with some of the most creative and innovative independent local businesses.

In one weekend, Alice Star, Phil Garozzo and the rest of the Loop Growers team watched the raging flood waters take away their nursery buildings, storage sheds, tools, hardware and seeds right in front of their eyes. The entire garden has been left completely unworkable and will be out for months, ensuring they will miss a vital part of the growing season that is right around the corner.

Following this heart breaking news, Range Brewing team were quick to their feet to rally donations from suppliers, and create Full Circle #3 to provide crucial financial support for the Loop team to rebuild their farm. This beer has been made possible thanks to wonderful donations from Cryer Malt, Hop Products Australia, Bintani, Bluestone Yeast, Rallings Labels.

Alice and Phil are not only exceptional at what they do but they are dear friends of Range Brewing. Considered to be core pillars of the Brisbane good food community, there was no question about what the next Full Circle brew should support.

Loop Growers have been operating a bio-intensive market garden on Jiniburra / Turrubul / Yuggerra land – Samford Valley, Qld, since the summer of 2015. Each week the farm takes over 2 tonnes worth of yield from many Brisbane based kitchens, coffee roasters, mushroom growers, cabinet makers and breweries- all of which enter a diverse range of composting systems, intended to regenerate soil and grow food back to these businesses. The goal is to cycle back the material as fresh produce, closing the loop.

On Friday 9th of April, Range Brewing customers can buy this special edition pale ale on tap at both Newstead and Abbotsford taprooms. Cans will also be sold exclusively in our Newstead taproom and online store. The profits from these sales will be donated directly to Loop Growers.

“These most recent floods have seen us face the realities of starting all over again. But it is times like these where we see our most valuable crop – our community – come into harvest.

The outreach from all of our partners has been nothing short of inspiring to us at the farm and to those in the wider community, and we are so humbled that our partners and dear friends, Range Brewing, are stepping up as well.” Says Phil Garozzo.

More about Range Brewing’s Project: Full Circle.

Full Circle is a beer concept created by Range Brewing to work with like minded industry professionals to create a beer that can give back to the community through charitable donations.

Each year they look for a cause to support and ask their wonderful suppliers to collaborate by donating ingredients to produce a one off beer that is packaged into cans and sold Australia wide by Range Brewing. The major goal being to spread awareness of a cause Australia wide. They then donate all the profits from each can sold to a charity, organization, group, project or establishment.

In 2020 they focused on the COVID-19 situation in the Australian Hospitality Industry where they produced a beer that was shipped to bars Australia wide and the profits went directly into helping those businesses keep their doors open in such a tough time.

In 2021 they focused on Skin Cancer. Where they produced a beer with a dear friend who had been battling Melanoma for two years which was sold Aus wide via our online store and both taprooms. The profits from this beer were then donated to a few selected skin cancer research facilities in Aus that are paving the way for better and faster diagnosis and treatment for the awful disease.

In 2022, they are choosing to focus on a single local business Loop Growers, that has been completely destroyed by the flooding over the past few weeks in the Brisbane area.

Since the beginning of this project they have raised over $25,000 for some very important causes.

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