Rastal glassware now available in Australia

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The level of interest in using Rastal craft beer glassware is gaining momentum.

The need to provide patrons with unique and memorable experiences is growing and the embrace of merchandising solutions that deliver innovative ways of engaging with customers is stronger than ever.

Over the years, Rastal has become a world leader in the field of glassware design, production and finishing.

Thanks to a unique combination of creative power, traditional ‘hands-on’ craftsmanship and leading-edge manufacturing facilities, Rastal has acquired internationally recognised know-how and changed the definition of craft beer enjoyment.

However, despite being a global player, Rastal has never been easily accessible to the Australian market. Generally, large orders with a twelve-week delivery to Australia were the norm. Until now.

Brisbane-based company CraftyMerch earlier this year became Rastal’s exclusive stockist of craft beer glassware in Australia.

“We are very excited about this new opportunity” says Eoghan Townshend, CraftyMerch director.

“The craft beer industry is growing at such rapid rate in Australia, it just made sense to us to be able to offer high quality glassware to the Australian market. And Rastal products have become unmissable in that regard. Their unique designs focus on multi-sensory experience; they bring the character of any beer to full light and give a whole new dimension to the pleasure of drinking. They are products that make a difference, and we’re not alone in feeling this way.”

“As craft beer lovers ourselves, we wanted to bring the best to Australia, and more so, to make it easier and simpler for breweries and hospitality venues to get their hands on such amazing products, conveying the passion for beer and taking their customers on new tasting experiences. If you’re a small business previously unable to justify the expense of many hundreds or thousands of glasses for your venue, CraftyMerch has the solution.”

“We cater especially for small businesses; they are our main clients, so we wanted to ensure we could allow small quantity orders. Thanks to our great relationship with Rastal, we can now offer small print runs from as few as 48 units, something that has never been possible before. Our range of Rastal quality beer-focused designs currently includes the famous Teku, but also Craft Master One, Craft Master Two, Craft Master Bowl and Lawrence. It’s a fantastic opportunity.”

“Of course, we can still supply larger quantities, multiple colour prints, and special finishes, but when you need a last-minute special edition glass for an event, how great to be able to order as few as 48 and have them delivered in 2-3 weeks. And in another first, CraftyMerch’s pricing is all-inclusive – no more guessing what the international freight, port, customs, fumigation and domestic freight costs are going to be. Your quoted price is all you’ll pay.”

“We’ve heard too many horror stories from customers who’ve been quoted one price, only to end up paying twice as much (or more) to finally receive their glasses. ”

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With the popularity these products have gained, there is little doubt demand will be strong.

And Townshend can only agree. “We have new shipments coming in monthly and we’re expanding our range to meet our customers’ needs, but demand is outstripping supply at the moment.”

Needless to say, if you don’t want to miss out on stocking your choice of Rastal glassware before Christmas, make sure you get onto it and place your order now.

To contact CraftyMerch for a quote and the opportunity to pre-order, please call 1300 98 94
91, or email info@craftymerch.co

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