Rocks Brewing Co. undertakes rebrand

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Real People. Real Brewery. Real Good Times. It’s the message that independent brewery, Rocks Brewing Co., have shared as part of their energetic rebrand taking their craft beer—that began in The Rocks in 2008—to a new level in 2022. With their new product line due to hit shelves from Friday 4 February, this family brand is rapidly becoming the beer that aims to be synonymous with good times, nationwide.

“Rocks Brewing Co. is a proud family-owned brand that really wants to be known for their family approach, approachable beers and connection with it’s customers” says Monica Osborn, Marketing Manager for Rocks Brewing Co.

“We knew it was time for a change to our brand, something that represented us for who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We were keen to create a brand that spoke to our core values.”

After moving to their Alexandria headquarters in 2014 and finding a home in Sydney Corporate Park—housing the brewery and tap house—Rocks Brewing Co., have become one of Sydney’s largest producers, with a brewing capacity in excess of 1 million litres per year. Led by the Osborn family, Simon, Rachel and their daughter Monica, the family wanted a rebrand that encapsulated their family values and spoke to their history, and their future, in one hit.

“We engaged Sam from Proud as Punch and initially we weren’t sure what we needed. Sam has a vast range of experience in our industry and took us through a full branding process, from strategy through to messaging and design. Our brief was to have something that spoke to our family values, our love of good times and wanting everyone to feel part of that family.”

Rebranding was a strategic decision the Rocks Brewing Co., team wanted to do with real investigation into the brand beliefs, values, vision and philosophy, and intent for long-term success. Sam Watson, Founder and Branding Strategist at Proud as Punch Branding Studio, was identified as the perfect fit – particularly given his extensive experience with brands across the hospitality and brewery space.

“Honestly, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Rocks Brewing Co.. I knew of ‘Rocks’ and had enjoyed a few of their beers previously; but getting to know the Osborn family, and really identifying what Rocks stands for, has been fantastic. It’s exactly the type of work we specialise in at Proud as Punch Studio, and to have clients like this makes me love what we do even more.”

“With this rebrand we started with a really deep dive on values, mission and vision for the brand – those foundational elements that often get skipped. That forms our basis to then work through how the brand is positioned, and for Rocks, that was to be as a true independent Australian brewery with real people behind it, that you can walk into the brewery and shake their hand.” says Sam.

“With lockdowns and supply chain issues it’s taken us a few months to get everything organised, so I’m thrilled to see the product on shelves this Friday. All initial feedback from Rocks customers has been amazing, and I’m sure there’ll be a few Rocks enjoyed for Friday’s launch to celebrate.” said Sam.

Rocks Brewing Co. American Pale Ale, Mid-Strength Pale Ale, Pilsner Lager and West Coast IPA will be available on shelves with fresh branding across NSW this Friday 4 February.

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