Sauce Brewing Co releases two new beers

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Are we crazy, or crazy smart?

The latest wholesale Sauce Brewing Coprice list features no less than 11 different beers, nine of which are available in cans. This week, we added two new special batches to the line-up.

‘Breakfast Smoothie’ Tropical Milkshake IPA

It’s a cracking hazy milkshake IPA (or NEIPA if you prefer).

If you liked our Trubble and Squeak Mango NEIPA, you’ll love this four times as much because it has mango, banana, passionfruit and pineapple, plus a bit of lactose to round out the “smoothie” theme.

At 7 per cent it’s slightly bigger than Bubble and Squeak but it’s so smooth and low in bitterness, you could drink it all day.

Available in kegs in NSW and QLD and 500ml cans nationwide from this Friday.

‘Super Saison’ Belgian Strong Saison

We’ve also knocked out a big, aromatic Belgian Saison which is going down a treat in our taproom. The yeast is the star of the show with this one, offering beautiful aromatic esters, with notes of banana, pepper, light spice and orange peel.

It comes in at 7.2 per cent, so we’ve dubbed it the Super Saison.

Now available in keg in NSW and QLD.

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