Six String Brewing Co Turn 10

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Man in a brewery holding a beer

After 10 years you would think we’d have this whole brewery thing down pat but we still feel like we are running to catch up with ourselves and only really just getting started!

Six String Brewing turn 10 this week and we really are so proud of this achievement. In 2012 when we were setting up the brewery there was only really a handful of breweries in NSW and even less outside of the Sydney area. Selling the idea of the local brewery took some convincing for Central Coast locals but one schooner at a time we’ve changed a few opinions and maybe even opened a few doors for the craft industry to grow.

With an industry that has grown faster than we can keep up with sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in trends, but we have some strong flagship beers that we proudly stand behind. Beers like our Dark Red IPA, our very first brew, was pretty unique at the time and while Red IPA’s are now fairly commonplace we think this brew still holds strong in the market 10 years later. We love pushing the boundaries with our beers but have also learnt (sometimes the hard way!) where our strengths are. With an AIBA Champion Lager and an Indies Champion Pale Ale over the last few years, we must be doing a few things right.

We have had some amazing opportunities in the last 10 years not only in getting our beers in the hands of more people than we could ever have imagined but also doing community and music events and we have grown faster than what we could plan for. We are so excited for the next chapter for Six String to start. 2023 will see Six String relocating to a new venue, just up the road, with a greater brewing, seating, and storage capacity. We have absolutely been bulging at the seams for the last few years and coming out of a few years of uncertainty with lockdowns and the changing landscape our sales and distribution networks are starting to build back up so this move cannot come soon enough as we are at absolute capacity where we are. The building is about to go ahead and all going to plan you should be able to visit us by October. 10 years on and we are only really just getting started and cannot wait to jump into the next 10!

We are celebrating the 10 year milestone with a Birthday Bash this Sunday 5th March at the brewery and a 10 year limited release can for our Pale Ale. 

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