Special release from Prancing Pony

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Special release by Prancing Pony Brewery

crisp Pale Ale 4.8% ABV with a pinch of Salt

Each year, the Co-Founders of Prancing Pony Brewery, Frank and Corinna venture to Lake Gairdner, their bikes in tow, with the pursuit to do better than last year, to gain a mile and to ride into the never-ending space; feeling privileged and being grateful to all the wonderful people that have created this event in the first place, the founders of Dry Lake Racers Australia (DLRA), the organisers, the helpers and those that come just to be there.

Lake Gairdner is one of the few places in the world where time floats in space but once a year the landscape becomes a whirlwind of activity with people from all over the world bringing their beloved vehicles to achieve the fastest runs. A place like no other, where the white salt meets the red earth and a brilliant blue horizon during the day becomes a blanket of stars at night. Where power becomes more power and stories are told and where each and everybody is equal, a bit crazy, eccentric for sure. Where people fall deeply in love with the remoteness and isolation of this place to create memories and where friendly gatherings are temporarily disrupted by the announcement of a new record run, a new personal milestone, just borrowed in time but rewarding the participant for the long hours in the garage, as it is there where the race has been won.

DLRA started in 1990 and is the official sanctioning body for Land Speed Racing in Australia, conducting the Speed Week event once a year. It was started by a group of very humble ‘Hot Rodders’, wanting to go fast, real fast.

It is the last frontier where vehicles of any shape, size and form can participate provided their adhere to the strict rules of the sport and any ‘wheel-powered’ vehicle is allowed including electric, which we see more of, every year. It is the earliest and purest form of motor sport and has a very illustrious history, with many famous and decorated people recognised for their association and endeavours to go faster than any person has gone before.

In 2020, there was no race. Like many events, Speed Week was cancelled due to Covid, but in November, a group of people met up for a working bee at the race camp and at night after a few beers we talked to Scotty (aka the Doc), how we feel riding our bikes on the salt and we asked,

‘Scotty, how do you feel driving your car on the salt’? Scotty hesitated for just a second and said….’don’t think I am crazy but, it feels like utter serenity’; and with that, the Serenity of Speed was born.

With millions of stars as our witness we all agreed, it is truly serene and spiritual to speed over salt that’s the remnant of a gigantic inland sea that existed 65 million years ago.

We headed to the lake the next day to collect just a little salt so it could be added to this batch of beer. The result – A crisp Pale Ale with a hint of lemon, citrus and a pinch of Lake Gairdner salt and it tastes just like washing down fresh Oysters with a glass of Kölsch. The perfect beer after a run on the salt.

We are in awe of this space and with gratitude, we acknowledge the Gawler Ranges Aboriginal Corporation, representing the Barnagal, Kokatha and Wirangu people, as the custodians of the land where the race takes place and each year, they grant permission to conduct this event. We respectfully appreciate this generosity.

The sport doesn’t attract major corporate sponsorship. By buying this beer, you are part of the DLRA tribe as a significant proportion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to DLRA and with every sip you can taste the Serenity of Speed.

This beer will be available for pre-order from Friday 29/1/2021 from www.prancingponybrewery.com.au

Available from selective stores around the country from 27th February 2021. (Stores will be announced on our website).

For Dry Lake Racers and Speed Week information visit https://www.dlra.org.au

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