Stone & Wood launch low alcohol beer East Point

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The latest addition to its core range, Stone & Wood Brewing has launched its new beer East Point as a modern expression of Australian low-alc beer as part of the independent Northern Rivers brewery’s disruptive play into Australia’s stagnant light beer category.

Lightly hazy, East Point is a refreshing beer with a zesty tang that, at 2.7% alc/vol, reflects Stone & Wood’s innovative entry into the low-alcohol beer space while also aligning with the quickly growing wellness market.

While several longstanding light macro-lager brands have long dominated the Australian light beer landscape, Stone & Wood has drawn on the popular aspects of craft beer in a way that challenges historical assumptions about the category through its flavour profile and sessionability.

As for the wellness market, recent data from the IWSR (International Wines and Spirits Record) has shown that increasing consumer interest in ‘better-for-you’ products has catalysed the development of no- and low-alcohol beverages, including low-calorie, sugar-free and gluten-free options.

Stone & Wood has tested this theory in 2020 by brewing low-alc Pilot Batch beers at its Byron Bay Tasting Room and Brisbane brewery, with consistently positive feedback from drinkers.

Available in 375ml cans or cartons of 16 cans, East Point aims to cater to consumers looking for a flavourful low-alc beer option that reflects their health and lifestyle values.

East Point stats

  • 2.7% alc/vol
  • Lightly hopped with fruit forward varieties
  • Zesty tang
  • Slightly hazy appearance
  • Straw to light gold in colour (SRM 3 EBC 6)

East Point will be available in four-packs of 375ml cans or cartons of 16 cans at bottle shops and venues around the country, as well as Stone & Wood’s Tasting Room in Byron Bay and its brewery in Brisbane.

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