The case for automation

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Budget is often the first noun thrown about when discussing any project – what will it cost and will the investment be worth the outcome? The conversation usually includes scenarios – if we build it like this versus this, how do such choices shift and change the entire project and budget? The error is to see such conversations about cost to be ones that are about cutting corners – you aren’t talking about being thrifty or cheap… you’re dealing in probabilities. Real costs and what real end results emerge from those investments.

When thinking about a new investment or a new venture, one can always count on feeling even more of an emotional strain – a leap of faith is still a leap, no matter the time spent in research. Many brewers who are interested in investing in a form of packaging automation for the first time feel such a tension. Your product is good. Your product is in demand. So much demand, in fact, that you simply cannot keep up. You have also invested in amazing teammates – ones whom you trust and value. What now?

We cannot tell you how many times we have had this conversation and with how many brewers. It is perhaps the first large scale investment that you’ve made in your business: purchasing an automatic depalletizer. For many brewers, Ska Fabricating’s Nimbus Depalletizer has been the answer, whether you are buying your first canning line, or replacing an aspect of an existing line and looking to expand. The Nimbus’ small footprint and foldable rotary table make it viable for most floorplans, but the automated lift and layer sweep design will help you and your team take the next step towards the growing business model you envision for your brand.

Ska Fabricating has deep roots in the brewing world – our reputation is well known within the industry as in-the-know in terms of current conversation, industry progress and trajectory, and innovative design. If you look at our lineup of machines, you’ll see that we have a wide range that can handle a variety of speeds and vessel types, but what truly interests us is you – the people we work with and how our hard work affects and impacts your hard work. The product you created was developed with time and care – so, too, should the machinery be that you entrust to bring that product to market. We can help with that – we are thrilled to hear about your projects and hope we get the chance to hear from you.

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