Value of Queensland industry revealed

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Today’s launch of the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy highlights the economic contribution that small breweries are making to the state.

Research undertaken during the policy development process shows that the 90 brewers currently operating contribute $62 million annually to the Queensland’s economy.

Craft brewers employ 20 full-time staff on average with an estimated 1,700 people employed state-wide to make and sell their products, which currently makes up less than 5 per cent of the beer consumed in the State. By contrast AB InBev-owned brewer, CUB, which claims a 47 per cent share of the national beer market employs ‘nearly 1,600‘.

International research cited in the report shows that craft breweries have a large multiplier effect. In terms of directemployment, craft breweries have a multiplier of 5.77 and in terms of wages, have a multiplier of 3.39.

Beyond the contribution to employment, craft brewers make significant investment in capital equipment and purchase largevolumes of agricultural inputs such as hops and barley, in addition to other specific and seasonal produce used to flavour their beers, such as strawberries and coffee.

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