Wild Yak hits the market

Wild Yak Pacific Ale

Wild Yak Pacific Ale

As the dust settles from Stone & Wood’s clash with Thunder Road over ‘Pacific Ale’, CUB has released Wild Yak, its take on the hotly debated genre.

“Fat Yak’s the second biggest craft brand in Australia. Lazy Yak’s the third biggest craft brand,” CUB marketing director Richard Oppy told Australian Brews News.

“We’re planning to only have three or four in the range and not extend the Yaks too far.

“I’m betting that Wild Yak could surpass both of them and become the biggest Yak in the range.”

Oppy said Lazy Yak is still performing strongly after its impressive debut.

“I’m expecting that Wild Yak will slow the growth of Lazy Yak when it starts competing for taps and the like, because an outlet’s not guaranteed to give you three Yaks within one venue,” he said.

“But incrementally, across the portfolio, I think there will continue to be significant growth.”

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