Wolf of the Willows teams up with distiller for hand sanitiser

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Patient Wolf Distilling Co. and Wolf of the Willows Brewing are pulling together on easing the current shortage of hand sanitiser by making their own, and serving their local bayside area.

In another ‘All-Wolf’ collab, owners Dave Irwin from Patient Wolf and Scotty McKinnon from Wolf of the Willows, are working together again following two successful ventures, including the Tom Collins Sour winning third prize and Gabs, and the exclusive Rogue Barrel Gin, which was the result of the Barrell Exchange Project.

With the closure of pubs, bars and restaurants, Wolf of the Willows had brewing equipment and malt laying idle. However, in a first of its kind, Dave and Scotty have put their heads together and have found a unique way turn a bad situation into a very good one.

The XPA malt beer wash has gained a new lease on life, with kegs arriving on pallets to Patient Wolf Distillery, to be distilled in their 220L copper German made still, along with ethanol and a touch of their Melbourne Dry Gin.

Scotty said: “It’s great to be working with our mates at Patient Wolf again. It’s times like these that we all need to pull together, keep busy and hopefully help keep this situation in control as best we can.”

The result is a locally made hand sanitiser with a malt juniper scent. Pretty unique!

Dave added: “After a short discussion with Scotty, we knew we could do something to help our local communities. We’re both glad to help out and the new malt smell in the distillery is fantastic.”

So, to get your hands on a bottle of hand sani, you can either buy online, or head in and buy direct from either the Patient Wolf Distillery in Southbank, or the Wolf of the Willows Brewery in Mordialloc.

And the best thing? You’ll also be able to pick up a bottle of gin or grab some beers while you’re there.
To ensure as many people as possible get their hands on a bottle, we are limiting to 1 per customer, and social distancing measure will be put in place.

The hand sanitiser comes in a 500ml glass bottle and costs $28

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