A cradle to grave-ly good beer approach

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There’s an axiom amongst brewing professionals that 95% of beer faults are due to the brewer, not the
equipment, however, there’s a lot of brewery suppliers out there in the market and making a decision on
who to trust your brewing dream with is a challenging one. Talking to previous customers and looking at the kit in action is obviously important, but a massively overlooked part of the decision-making process is determining what else your chosen supplier can do for you.

Putting together a brewery is a big undertaking, although ironically, often the easiest, or certainly the most predictable part of the process is specifying the brewery you want and getting it made and installed. Suppliers like Brewtique have done this process many, many times and as a result it’s generally a seamless process. As with any large project, by the time you have the thing finished, that’s the point you’re most qualified to start it!

Getting DA’s (Development Applications) through often reluctant councils, waste water management
systems approved by sensitive local water companies, avoiding exorbitant local costs by buying over
complicated solutions to problems you don’t have and last but not least, making excellent beer on your shiny new brewery – these are the areas that should and will keep you awake at night.

During your decision making process then, what better company to work with than one like Brewtique that have done brewery install projects right around the country and have developed close and long lasting relationships with the brewery owners during the process. Not only that, but the two owners of the business are shareholders in their own brewery business and have been through the very process you are undertaking with their own team, time, and money.

Following the launch of their partnership with NDL Craft and Esau & Hueber at Brewcon last year, Brewtique has gone from strength to strength. Having installed 22 new breweries across Australia to date, Brewtique will deliver 11 new breweries through their partnership with NDL this year, including Big Shed (Adelaide), Jervis Bay Brewing (Huskisson), Straddie Brewing (Stradbroke), Easytimes Brewery (Brisbane), Sauce Brewing (Cairns), Bendigo Brewing (Bendigo), Deadset Brewing (Aldinga), Woolstore Brewing (Mt Gambier), Bucketty’s Brewing (Sydney), Parched Brewing (Brisbane) and King Tide Brewing (Coffs).

Managing Director Gavin Troxler a highly successful businessman prior to joining the brewing industry with Brewtique, is a shareholder and director of 7th Day Brewing in Brookvale and has been through the fine-grind mill of DA’s, licensing and the myriad of other decisions that need to be made, and paid for, with any brewery start-up.

Likewise, Neal Cameron, Technical Director has been a part of many brewery start-ups over his two decades in the business culminating in his own start-up, Harvest Brewing in Berry, NSW. On top of this, Neal has trained hundreds of brewers through TAFE NSW Certificate III in Microbrewing and many aspirational Certified Cicerones through the Institute of Beer.

With all of this experience then, Brewtique can rightly claim to not only offer well-designed, well-made
brewing equipment through their partnership with NDL Craft International and Esau & Huber, but they will also provide a wealth of experience during the process of building your brewery concept and building your actual brewing business. They have also spent a great deal of time brewing on the equipment they design and sell and have worked hard to improve the quality of the beer that the breweries produce AND ensure that the precious energy of the brewing team is preserved to concentrate on beer quality, not on fighting with their equipment.

If you’re contemplating starting a brewery project take a look at Brewtique’s Signature Series range for small breweries and brewpubs and their Fermecraft fully-automated Master Series range for larger production breweries.

Most importantly however is to know that you’ll be working with a company that will ensure that that first
beer you serve from your new brewery is as good as you could hope for. The alternative is inconceivable.

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