Casella planning Yellow Tail beer

yellowtail2Winemaking powerhouse Casella Family Brands has confirmed it is considering launching Yellow Tail as a beer brand in the US.

Speculation about the move has been rife since San Diego brewer Ballast Point ceased using Yellowtail as the brand name for its Pale Ale, allegedly under pressurefrom Casella.

Three beer brand names have since been registered with the US Tax and Trade Bureau by Casella’s American importer, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, suggesting the Australian winemaker-turned-brewer is serious about the plan.

yellowtail3They are Australian Pale Ale, Whistling Wheat and Sunset Lager, which all appear to be a subset of the Yellow Tail parent brand. All were listed as approved on August 13.

A Casella spokeswoman told Australian Brews News that Yellow Tail beer is “under consideration” for the US market and the project is only in its “very early stages”.

Bottle and keg labels associated with the proposed beers state that they would be brewed by Australian Beer Company, Casella’s joint venture with Coca-Cola Amatil.

If ever there was a time to begin exporting beer to the US, it’s right now, with economists predicting the Australian dollar may plummet to as low as 50c in the next few years.

Casella’s wine business relies on the US for three quarters of its sales, so is already enjoying the benefits of the currency’s turnaround.

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