Greg Koch: 'Aussies, don't buy Stone. Please'

This week has seen a great discussion sparked by Australian Brews News’ call to boycott beers that are on sale against their brewers wishes.

Is Greg Koch arrogant? Click the gargoyle to find out…

This morning I spoke with Stone Brewing’s Greg Koch, one of the loudest exponents of the “Don’t import my beer” brewers.

In the 20-minute interview Greg canvasses many of the arguments raised this week and puts forward his point of view and reason for being so cautious with his beer, including.

  • To make sure of the quality of their beer when it gets to the consumer, Stone has purchased their own distribution company comprising all refrigerated transport to get their beer across Southern California and also ships refrigerated across the country.
  • They don’t export to Canada and their beer isn’t even available in every US state.
  • They have even pulled out of some States in which the beer moves slowly.
  • It’s important for the industry to respect the beer – Greg says retailers selling bad beer has hurt the US craft industry in the past and it happens here too.
  • “If you are a retailer selling damaged beer, you’re hurting the industry”
  • He is even keen to come down and do some collaborations with our own brewers.

There is obviously much more in the interview. If you have engaged in the debate this week, have bought Stone beers or are just interested in good beer it’s well worth listening to. Having spoken with Greg about it previously and read his comments online, I was already convinced myself. Listen to Greg, see what you think.

I invite you to to share your thoughts on Greg’s point of view in the comments below. Let us know whether, having heard it, you agree with our call not to buy grey imports against the express wishes of the brewer.

You can listen to the audio (much better quality sound) or watch Greg discuss the issue below.

Listen to the audio






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