Mornington launches canned nitro beer

Mornington Peninsula managing director Matt Bebe

Mornington Peninsula managing director Matt Bebe

Mornington Peninsula Brewery has launched Australia’s first canned, nitrogen-charged beer, as part of an increased emphasis by the company on one-off experimental brews.

A limited edition ESB titled Dog’s Bollocks was given the nitro treatment, with assistance from Mornington’s friends at Vault Brewing of Pennsylvania, America’s first brewery to harness nitrogen in cans without the use of a widget.

“What we’re trying to do is showcase a different variety of what Australian beers can be, and the fact that you don’t have to use a widget if you have the right technology,” Mornington Peninsula managing director Matt Bebe told Australian Brews News.

He said the nitrogen reacts differently to CO2 when the can is opened, so it should be poured “vertically with enthusiasm” to ensure optimal flavour and texture.

Bebe said Mornington head brewer Andrew Gow believes that nitrogen dilutes the hop profile of a beer, so it is best suited to darker, malt-driven styles.

Dog's Bollocks Nitro ESB

Dog’s Bollocks Nitro ESB

“The ‘crema’ that you get from the ESB is very small, tight bubbles, it’s beautiful,” Bebe said.

“We’re going to bring out our second nitro can in late July or early August.”

Dog’s Bollocks follows up another innovative release from Mornington Peninsula, a beer dubbed Vin Ale, a beer/wine hybrid of Mornington Brown co-fermented with Pinot Noir juice from local winery Montalto.

“Rather than blending or mixing we actually fermented it together in tank,” said Bebe.

He said the brewery has also put a significant amount of beer in barrels as part of a renewed focus on limited release products.

“What we’re trying to do is experiment and play and just enjoy ourselves, more than anything else,” said Bebe.

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