New branding for Wilde and Mornington Peninsula

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Tribe Breweries, the innovative leaders behind some of Australia’s most beloved craft beer brands, has unveiled exciting new identities for its leading ‘better for you’ brands – Wilde and Mornington Peninsula Brewery.

Wilde products are bar staples across the country, renowned for two core Gluten Free offerings, Wilde Crisp Lager and Wilde Pale Ale; which are vegan, FODMAP friendly, and are also endorsed by Coeliac Australia. As the brand gets ready to introduce two new products to its range this Autumn, Wilde has unveiled a new look that demonstrates the brand’s growing commitment to supporting healthier, non-alcoholic alternatives in the drinks category.

The new brand identity for Wilde includes a colourful packaging and logo update, as well as a switch from bottle necks to 375mL cans – in order to reduce waste and minimise the environmental impact. This packaging change also supports customers in experiencing life on the go in the ‘wild’ – with ease of use across outdoor activities such as festivals, BBQs and camping trips.

Wilde has also increased its core range to a 16-pack, which provides consumers greater value for money, supports easier transport and encourages wider consideration from typical ‘beer’ drinkers who may be open to ‘better for you’ beer alternatives.

To supplement this, Tribe’s other leading craft-beer brand Mornington Peninsula Brewery (MPB) today also unveiled their new packaging change –just in time for the launch of their new non-alcoholic beer Mornington Free XPA. After launching their first non-alcoholic beer in 2021, Mornington Free Pale Ale quickly became an Aussie favourite, becoming the second most sold product in the entire MPB range. Now, the brand makes its second foray into the category, with the introduction of the XPA, which delivers slightly more craft beer notes, in order to deliver on a full flavoured beer taste, without compromise. The packaging redesign puts the recognisable MPB logo at the front and centre, whilst utilising stronger colours and coastal cues such as waves, cliffs and ocean colours that pays homage to its namesake, the beautiful coastline of The Mornington Peninsula.

Roland Thiemann, Head of Innovation at Tribe Breweries says,“In the last year alone, we have seen the no-to-low (NOLO) alcohol drinks category increase by nearly 3% and concurrently, our alcohol consumption rates decrease. Mindful Drinking is no longer just a fad or trend, but a way of life that many Aussies are adopting. And so, as they embrace this, Tribe Breweries brands like Wilde and Mornington Free want to ensure that there are incredible LONO alternatives available to them that are better for them, whilst also ensuring they don’t compromise on flavour or quality.”

Tribe Breweries will be unveiling their two new and exciting core products for the Wilde brand in the coming months; including one product which will be a first-to-category in Australia. For further information and to stay up to date on new product releases, visit:

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