New additions to the Twin Monkeys line-up

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Now there are 4 more great reasons to consider the Twin Monkeys family of machines! In addition to the regular machine line-up of:

  • Mancos 10-15cpm
  • Gunnison 30cpm
  • Cimarron 10-100+ cpm

there are new siblings! Check them out:

Eagle upgradable canning machine

Entry Level – Expandable Nano-Canner

10+CPM to 30CPM

TheEAGLEcan be purchased as an entry level semi-automated basic canning machine running at 10 cans per minute (cpm), OR

it can be upgradedin the fieldto a fully automated machine, expandable from 10cpm to 30cpm, and can handle all can sizes. It can also incorporate all the features of the larger Gunnison, such as

  • Infeed Funnel holding up to 30 cans
  • C-FAR (Can Flip And Rinse) to rinse the interior of the cans
  • Weight / Auto-Adjust Fill / Reject module
  • Post Seam Rinse / Dry module
  • Cart with Drip Tray

Counter pressure Mancos canning machine

Entry Level – Counter Pressure Canner

8CPM – 12CPM

TheCOUNTER PRESSURE MANCOSis designed to cater for liquids that are difficult to fill or an environment that makes filling your beverage difficult using normal atmospheric filling machines; highly carbonated liquids such as hard seltzers, and high temperature liquids are examples of liquids that would benefit from using counter pressure technology fillers.

Counter pressure Kannah canning machine

30CPM – Counter Pressure Canner

The KANNAHis very close to the Gunnison in features and size and includes:

  • Conveyor system to move cans through the machine
  • 4-head can CO2 pre-fill purge station
  • 4-head can counter-pressure fill station that includes
  • Automated packaging tank pressure controller to regulate the pressure of the beverage for repeatable fills
  • Individual volumetric fill meters for each can
  • Automated lid dispenser with CO2 Blanket Generator for under-lid CO2 gassing
  • Patented High-Leverage Seaming Module

Saluda fully automatic labelling machine

Super Compact Fully Automatic Labeller

TheSALUDAAutomatic Label Applicator is designed and manufactured specifically for Twin Monkeys, in answer to requests and suggestions from our customers. Features include:

  • Small footprint
  • Left-or-right handed labelling
  • All stainless steel and aluminium construction
  • Off the shelf components (no proprietary boards and motors)
  • Stepper-driven applicator
  • Touch screen interface
  • Mounted on a frame with locking casters
  • Date coder-ready for horizontal coding on your labels


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