Sauce Brewing Co cans its first dark beer

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Inspired by a recent trip to the US Pacific Northwest, Sauce Brewing Co founder Mike Clarke wanted to brew a beer that would pay homage to the region’s traditionally hoppy reputation, while still being suitable for the current Aussie weather.

Clarke chose to brew a Cascadian dark ale and called it the Sauce ‘O Cascadia’. In essence, it is a hoppy dark beer, not dissimilar to a porter with an American pale ale hopping regime.Cascade, Amarillo and Simcoe add character but the beer features primary characteristics ofchocolate, coffee and a touch of roast.

Cascadia is a “bioregion and proposed country” covering an area that roughly includes the US states of Oregon and Washington, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. The region has its own flag and anthem ‘O Cascadia’.

Named after the Cascade Ranges, which form the spine of the region, the area is also home to over 40 per cent of the world’s hop crop, and almost 90 per cent of the US crop. Many iconic US hops are named after landmarks in the area including, Cascade, Chinook, Willamette and Mt Hood.

Mt Hood features on the Sauce ‘O Cascadia’ can, which is available in limited quantities in keg and 500ml cans.

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