Shelter Brewing Co. launches its first limited release

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  • Shelter Brewing’s first Limited Release Beer, the Squid Ink XXPA, will be launched on April 16
  • The Squid Ink XXPA will be available in bars and bottle shops from Monday 19 April
  • The beer was inspired by Head Brewer Jason Credaro’s childhood experiences catching squid in Geographe Bay

Shelter Brewing’s first Limited Release, the Squid Ink XXPA, will be launched on Friday 16 April and is being released into trade from Monday 19 April.

Since opening in Busselton in November 2020, Shelter has worked at perfecting its core range offering; the Squid Ink XXPA is the brewery’s first foray into the exciting world of experimental beer releases.

Head Brewer Jason Credaro said he was inspired by childhood experiences catching squid, known as “squidding”, in Geographe Bay.

“Squid Ink as an ingredient was the starting point because, personally, I’m all about brewing beers based on experiences,” Credaro said.

“Squidding is synonymous with Geographe Bay and the Busselton Jetty – we all did it growing up.”

Credaro added that the appearance of the beer mimics the South West’s glorious sunsets.

“This time of the year has the best weather down here, it’s a bit cooler, there’s less of a breeze and we get those incredible orange and red sunsets that light up the whole sky,” said the Busselton born brewer.

“The squid ink gives the beer a smoky red haze, similar to the dusky sunset sky that’s about when you head off to go squidding.

“The end result is a beer that’s smoky red in appearance, but bright and vibrant in taste.”

Credaro said XXPA was a style of beer he’d been interested in for a long time.

“A XXPA is basically a juiced up, slightly higher alcohol version of an XPA, but without the resin or dankness of an IPA.

“It’s a crisp, juicy beer that is perfect for those beautiful autumn afternoons by the water.

“The squid ink complements that and adds a bit of a briny character, but it’s not a dominating taste.”

The Squid Ink XXPA will be available from Friday 16 April at Shelter in Busselton and at Perth beer festival Froth Town, and goes into bars and bottle shops from Monday 19 April.

Tasting notes:
Squid Ink XXPA
5.5% ABV
Don’t be fooled by the inky haze, the Squid Ink XXPA is smooth and crisp with splashes of citrus, pine and stone fruit, finished by a hint of salt.

Stone Fruit – Floral – Smooth

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