Tom Champion and Dean Romeo
27 Sep 2023

Dean Romeo and Tom Champion - Felons Brewing Co

This week we return to Brisbane’s Felons Brewery after a four year break and meet Brand Director Dean Romeo and Tom Champion its Brewery Director.

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Pat McInerney
20 Sep 2023

Pat McInerney - Willie the Boatman

This week we return to Sydney's Inner West and again catch up with Willie the Boatman’s Pat McInerney.

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MC Jarratt
13 Sep 2023

MC Jarratt - Brick Lane Brewing Co.

This week we meet Marie Claire Jarratt, brewing shift lead at Brick Lane Brewing Company.

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Sherri Dill
6 Sep 2023

Sherri Dill - Capital Brewing Co

This week in Beer is a Conversation we meet Sherri Dill, Lead Production Brewer at Capital Brewing Company and ACT State Coordinator of The Pink Boots Society.

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Ed Jamison & Rich Crowe
18 Aug 2023

Ed Jamison & Rich Crowe - Fermentum Craft Beer Co

We meet Ed Jamison, Head of Marketing, and Richard Crowe, Head of Supply Chain, for Fermentum Craft Beer Company.

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James Phillips - CGA by Nielsen
18 Aug 2023

James Phillips - CGA by NielsenIQ

This week we're speaking with James Phillips, Client Solutions Director, Australia New Zealand, for CGA by NielsenIQ we thought it might be a good idea to speak to James and understand what CGA seeing now in their data and how that applies to craft breweries.

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Beer is a Conversation banner with photos of Justin Kendall and Zoe Licata from Brewbound
9 Aug 2023

Justin Kendall and Zoe Licata - Brewbound

In this episode of Beer is a Conversation, we speak with Justin Kendall and Zoe Licata from US brewing industry news site, Brewbound.

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Liam Pereira
2 Aug 2023

Liam Pereira - White Bay Beer Co

In this Beer is a Conversation we meet Liam Pereira, recently appointed Head of Hospitality and Community at Sydney’s White Bay Beer Co.

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Leanne White
26 Jul 2023

Leanne White - Insightfully

This week we meet Leanne White from social and market research firm Insightfully. With all of our recent focus on ‘squishy data’ it is a good time to speak to  Lenny about what makes good data and how breweries should be critically interpreting the data that they have available to them especially when making decisions based on it.

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Kelsey Picard
19 Jul 2023

Kelsey Picard - Beer is a Conversation

This week we talk the science of beer with PhD Candidate Kelsey Picard, one of the founders of Science Made Beerable.

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12 Jul 2023

Aaron Rigg - Mining Engineer Turned Publican

In this week's Beer is a Conversation we meet mining engineer turned publican, Aaron Rigg.

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Christopher Shepard (3)
4 Jul 2023

Christopher Shepard - Beer Marketer's Insights

This week we meet Christopher Shepard Senior Editor of US publication, Beer Marketer's Insights, which is the United States' leading source of beer industry information since 1970.

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